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Münster’s old town is famous – and filled with life: fascinating museums, exciting events and high quality shopping possibilities are inviting not only the 280.000 inhabitants to a visit. Next to old impressive buildings with a long history you can also find modern architecture and contemporary sculptures. The unique atmosphere turns every visit into an unforgettable event – which is one of the reasons why Münster belongs to one of the thirteen members of the “Historic Highlights of Germany“.

The historical old town offers a lot of cultural history on a narrow space: the Principal Market is a unique inner-city place, framed by old merchant houses and the mighty Lamberti Church which still today has a warder of the tower who keeps his duty every night. Also Baroque buildings by Johann Conrad Schlaun can be found, like the town palace Erbdrostenhof and the Clemens Church, which remind of Italian Baroque. In the 17th century European history was written in Münster: In the Friedenssaal in the town hall, which is a museum today, pieces of the Westphalian Peace were negotiated and confirmed by oath which ended the Thirty Years´ War in 1648.

Münster is a city of science – not only with its six universities, but also by its congress facilities. Halle Münsterland for example offers more than 30.000 square metres exhibition space and meeting rooms for more than 4.000 participants. With its 55.000 students Münster can offer the rich gastronomy and cultural scene of a student town that has one of its centers in the Kuhviertel (cow district).

The old harbour of Münster has a new cultural area called “Kreativkai“ (Creative Quay) which attracts people with the Hot Jazz Club, the Wolfgang Borchert Theatre and glamourous gastronomy. Unforgettable attractions for leisure time are the Allwetterzoo (All-Weather-Zoo), the Westphalian Horse Museum and the open-air museum Mühlenhof at the Aasee lakeside. For visitors with a sportive spirit there is a rich choice of bike tours to pick from. Last but not least Münster is the centre of the typical park landscapes with an internationally known bike park and the most famous castles of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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