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Gymnasium Paulinum
The history

Gymnasium Paulinum was founded by the Roman Catholic priest, scholar and missionary Liudger in 797. Charles the Great (Charlemagne) had instructed Liudger to establish a monastery in Münster which at that time was called Mimigernaford. Together with the monastery Liudger also founded a monastic school for future members of the clergy. When Liudger was made the first Bishop of Mimigernaford/Münster in 805 the school became a cathedral school for boys administered by the Bishop of Münster.

The year 1500 marked a significant change in the character and educational objectives of the school when the ideas of Humanism spread across Europe and were also adopted by Gymnasium Paulinum. This meant greater emphasis and focus on the study of classical antiquity, especially classical Latin, and Greek was introduced as a foreign language in 1512.

In 1588 the school was taken over by the Jesuits who were famous for their academic standards and their strict educational principles. Gymnasium Paulinum remained a Jesuit school until 1773, when the Jesuit Order was dissolved by Pope Clement XIV. All the buildings and other assets passed into the hands of the Prince-Bishop of Münster until, in 1802, the school was taken over by the State of Prussia. During the Second World War the old school building was destroyed and towards the end of the war the school had practically ceased to exist.

In February 1946 Gymnasium Paulinum was re-opened but it had to share classrooms with the Schillergymnasium. In 1957 the present school building was finished. Today the school is maintained by the City of Münster and local control over educational principles and technology, the curriculum, teaching methods, teacher training and promotion is exerted by the District Administration in Münster.

Gymnasium Paulinum is a modern grammar school for boys and girls between 10 and 19 years of age, a little more than one third of the students being girls. The school offers a wide range of subjects including languages (German, English, Latin, Greek, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Studies, History, Geography, Politics, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Art, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies. It is well equipped for Computing and Information Technology and it offers regular classes and extra-curricular activities in computer studies. There is an extra Music Branch for students with a special musical talent and interest. Extra-curricular activities also include Chess, Choir, Orchestra, Rock Band, Art, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics, Diving, Climbing, Skating, Rowing and other projects.

Gymnasium Paulinum is the oldest grammar school in Germany with a widely respected tradition as well as a keen interest in the educational challenges of the future. It tries to combine innovation and a strong sense of purpose for the future with due respect for traditional values and well-established academic standards.

Gymnasium Paulinum is situated in the centre of Münster, a city with a present population of about 265 000. Münster is the seat of one of the largest universities in Germany.

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